Rhea Eggshells for Egg Art
Aegea, Inc
Formerly Grand Cypress Ranch

Rhea eggs from the living dinosaur from The American Ostrich Research Farm, LLC
All sizes available  -  Sizing chart below
217 243-7683   Email to: Donna@rhealiving.com    All credit cards accepted.

Rhea Eggshell Specials   


Medium and Small Eggshells 10 Shells  $110  
Save $10

10 Large Shells  $130 
Save $10

5 Jumbo Shells   $110 
Save $15 ( greater than 14.5” long girth)

Always free shipping continental US, small surcharge for  Alaska and Hawaii


All rhea eggs are bright yellow when fresh and fade over time and exposure to light to a cream color.  This fading can be hastened by sunlight or delayed by complete darkness.

Laying season is April through August.

Rhea Eggs

Cleaned, Sized, and Graded

For comparison:  chicken egg, small rhea, medium rhea, large rhea, ostrich

Free shipping in the continental US

Minimum 50 egg order for International shipping.
 6-7 months are required to get the necessary CITES permits

 About our Eggs

Thoroughly cleaned with a mini pressure washer.

 We only send Grade A shell with no cracks.

The eggs are measured and sized for a consistent, easy-to-work-with shell (as well as possible with a natural product).  We developed the sizing system that you may see on other sites.


Preorders are suggested for small and jumbo eggs.  We charge your card when we ship.


Small   Medium Large JumboSeconds-slightly imperfect
May have ridges at the pointed end, a cracked drain hole, rough surface, or stains.  Otherwise a whole intact egg.  Sizes vary, our choice
1-5 eggs  $13.00 @ $13.00 @ $15.00 @ $25.00 @$13.00 @
6-10 eggs  $12.00 @ $12.00 @ $14.00 @ $22.00$9.00 @
11-35 eggs  $10.50 @  $10.50 @ $13.00 @ $21.00$8.00 @
36+ $10.00 @ $10.00@ $12.50 @ NA$NA @

To order email to: Donna@rhealiving.com  or call   217 243-7683.  

Rhea Egg Sizes
Small EggsMedium EggsLarge EggsJumbo Eggs
Long CircumferenceLess than 13 "13-13.75 " 13.75-14.5 "More than 14.5 "
GirthLess than 13.75 "13.75-11.25"11.25-11.75"More than 11.75"
Length4.5-4.83"4.83-5"5-5.25"More than 5.25"